Statement of environmental consequences OSG 110/330 kV TEC-6 Kyiv

Київська теплоелектроцентраль № 6

Statement of environmental consequences.

Execution of design works – Reconstruction of voltage transformers on the open switchgear 110 / 330kV CHP-6 Kyiv, st. Pukhivska, 1A.

The project envisages the reconstruction of voltage transformers on the open switchgear 110/330 kV CHP-6.
There are no additional factors that affect or may affect the state of the environment, taking into account the possibility of environmental emergencies during the reconstruction.
Emissions of pollutants and noise characteristics of machines and mechanisms used in construction meet the requirements of environmental standards and regulations. Relevant calculations are given in the section “Environmental Impact Assessment”.
The list of residual impacts includes the presence of dismantled structures and materials, as well as garbage, containers, small waste.
The territory of the assembly sites for work is promptly cleaned of debris, containers, small waste that is collected in containers or boxes. Gasoline-impregnated wiping material is collected in a special tub with a tightly closed lid. Waste is transported to disposal sites.
The customer of the project undertakes to inform the public about the planned activity, the purpose of the way of its implementation.
The customer also undertakes to comply with the design decisions in accordance with the norms and rules of environmental protection and environmental safety requirements at all stages of construction and operation of the planned activity.
The facility to be reconstructed has virtually no harmful effects on the environment and, subject to precautionary measures, can be constructed and put into operation.
Customer – JV “KYIV CHPP” KP “KYIVTEPLOENERGO”, 01013, Kyiv, st. Promislova, 4, tel. +38 044 207-87-08, fax +38 044 207-87-55; e-mail
General Designer – LLC “PDI” Energoinzhproekt “GIP OB Strichevsky, 01033, Kyiv, street Zhylyanska, 30a, office 3, tel .: +38044 228-14-08, tel./fax +38044 300-12-41; e-mail