Reconfiguration of 20 kV distribution networks

Energoengproject is one of the initiators and takes an active part in increasing the energy efficiency of electric networks and reducing losses in distribution networks of 6 (10) kV by switching to a higher voltage class of 20 kV with change of network configuration and conceptual approaches to the automation of the distribution network and systems of electric energy accounting.

The use of 20 kV voltage in distribution networks will allow to switch to a higher level of electricity supply to urban consumers, increase the throughput by at least in 2 – 2.5 times compared with 6-10 kV networks within the same territory, reduce the number of transformer capacities, improve quality of electricity and reliability of power supply systems. Application of modern innovative technologies in the distribution network will significantly reduce the volume of cable lines laying. The use of small high quality standard substations will reduce their value. The construction of distribution networks will be shorter.

The detailed presentation with the algorithm of complex approach of implementation of 20 kV voltage in distribution networks you can found by the link: Presentation of 20 kV by EEP (1.6 MB in Ukrainian)

In 2016, we began the active work on the following projects:

  • Reconstruction of electric networks of Vinnitsaoblenergo PJSC with the transfer of 6 (10, 35) kV to 20 kV (the first stage of the reconstruction of the electrical networks in Tyvriv district Vinnytsia region) – feasibility study;
  • Reconstruction of electric networks of Pivdenniy REM of Odessaoblenergo with the transfer of 6 (10, 35) kV to 20 kV in Odesa city (feasibility study);
  • Working projects of reconstruction of substations and lines with the transfer of 20 kV power lines of Southern REM of Odesaoblenergo PJSC;
  • Feasibility study of the reconstruction of electric networks with the transfer of 10 kV to 20 kV of Vinkovetsky REM of Khmelnytskoblenergo PJSC;
  • Feasibility study of reconstruction of electric networks Gorodotsky EM of Lvivoblenergo PJSC with the transfer of 6 (10) kV to 20 kV in the Gorodok district Lviv region;
  • Feasibility study on the construction of SS 150/20 kV “Igren” with the transfer of existing 10 kV consumers in Samara region of Dnipro city to the voltage class of 20 kV, or the construction of the SS 150/10 kV “Igren”;
  • Design and survey works on the feasibility study for the conversion of 10 kV networks to a nominal voltage of 20 kV in the central part of the Kyiv region.

Our high voltage projects are listed on the page “Projects“.

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