About 300 completed projects in the Integrated Power System of Ukraine

Design and survey works on the objects of electric power networks, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of operating facilities of the class of voltage 20 ÷ 750 kV:

  • Substation 330/110/35 kV “Zakhidna” with 330 kV overhead lines – stage «Project» / Please find below the detailed description of this work ↓
  • Reconstruction of OSG (open switchgear) 330 kV at TPP-5 Kyivenergo with construction of GIS (gas insulated switchgear) 330 kV and installation of АТ-3 (autotransformer) 200 MVA (Project and Working documentation stages);
  • Reconstruction of OSG 110/330 kV at Trypillya TPP with installation of AT-1 (Project stage);
  • Substation 400/220/110kV “Mukachevo” – installation of single-phase autotransformers 400/220/35kV AT-4 with advanced technological solutions (Project stage);
  • Technical re-equipment of SS 330 kV “Hirnicha” with the replacement of ATDCT-250000/330/150/38.5 kV (AT-2) autotransformer by new one (with relay and protection automatics) (Project and Working documentation stages);
  • Technical re-equipment of SS 330 kV “Pershotravneva” with the replacement of autotransformer ATDCTN-250000/330/150/38.5 kV (AT-1) by new one (with relay and protection automatics) (Project and Working documentation stages);
  • Reconstruction of OSG 330 kV with installation of АТ № 1-330 kV, LT № 1-35kV, DK-31 35 kV at SS 330 kV “Dnipro – Donbass” (Working project adjustment);
  • Reconstruction of OSG 750 kV at SS “Vinnytsia” with 750 kV overhead lines (Working project);
  • Project stage and expertise of reconstruction of SS 110/10 kV Buryakivka on the territory of the Vector production facility in the Chernobyl NPP exclusion zone;
  • Reconstruction of SS 110 kV at the Dnipro water supply station with replacement of gas switches (Project and Working documentation stages);
  • Electrification of “Volnovaha – Komish-Zorya” of the Donetsk railway (Project and Working documentation stages);
  • Reconstruction of OSG 330 kV at SS Usatove with replacement of 4AT autotransformer (“Project”);
  • Project of construction of SS 110/10 kV “European” with 110 kV TL “TPP-5 – European” (Project stage);
  • Feasibility study (including ESIA) for construction of second backbone high-voltage line 750 kV “Kakhovska – Primorska – Dnistrovska HPSP – Khmelnitska NPP” (approx. lenght 970 km);
  • Feasibility study for construction of OHVL 330 kV “Dnistrovska HSPP – SS 750 kV Vinnytsia” (2 x 70 km);
  • Feasibility study for construction of OHVL 330 kV “Ternopil-Chernivtsi” (230 km long);
  • Feasibility study for reconstruction of SS 750 kV Pivdennodonbaska  with automated process control system (APСS);
  • Feasibility study for reconstruction of SS 750 kV Kamianska  with APСS;
  • Feasibility study for reconstruction of SS 750 kV Dniprovska with APСS;
  • Participation in scientific and technical support of the development of the normative document – Designing the substations with gas insulated switchgears 110 kV and above. Rules.
  • Detailed presentation of projects with gas insulated switchgears (GIS; ukr. КРПЕ, rus. КРУЭ) 110 – 330 kV you can download by link: GIS projects (1 MB in Ukrainian).


Substation 330/110 kV Zakhidna

Implementation of the project “Substation 330/110 kV with 330 kV overhead lines” launched in 2009. In 2010, our experts of design and construction company “DEKS” developed design and estimates documentation (hereinafter – DE) of the Project stage.

In 2011, the state enterprise Ukrderzhbudexpertise issued the positive decision No. 593/1-2010/13 dated June 7, 2011.

In 2013, taking into account a number of requirements of NPC Ukrenergo to the concept of operational maintenance of substation, the Central power system with the participation of experts from DRI Energoengproject made changes to the design specifications (hereinafter – DS) for the implementation of the design and estimate documentation of Working documentation stage. In accordance with the agreement of copyright, all preliminary materials and copyrights transferred from DEKS PJSC to Design and research institute Energoengproject LLC.

In 2013 and 2014, DRI Energoengproject LLC, in accordance with the approved ToR, developed the documentation for Working documentation stage, taking into account the decisions that were made by our experts in similar object – reconstruction of OSG 330 kV at CHPP-5 Kyivenergo with construction of 330 kV GIS and АТ-3 200 MVA.

The design documentation of Working stage includes the following solutions:

Optimized buildings and facilities: new design of layout of buildings with technological solutions for GIS 330 kV and 110 kV GIS buildings – two instead of three;

Optimized solutions for front view and structures;

Specified geological and hydrogeological surveys;

Corrected solutions for the access roads;

Adjustment of the scheme of 330 kV transmission lines with the corresponding registration of land plots and obtaining all necessary permits;

Updated construction time schedule with significantly shorter dates;

Changes concerning 110 kV cable lines with optimization of time and cost of construction and installation works;

Adjustment of object and local construction estimates;

In-depth analysis and detailed calculations, new solutions and optimization of construction and installation work led to 30% savings from the initial cost of construction;

Designing work done by our experts – S. Puzik, V. Gilevsky, N. Poluiko, M. Ligarev, L.  Butkovskaya, O. Kalenchuk, Y. Chadov and many others.

In 2015, we continued to cooperate with the NPC Ukrenergo” and development of new ideas and solutions for the implementation of SS 330/110 kV “Zakhidna”.

Experts of our institute and NPC Ukrenergo managed to implement solutions from the best world practice, as implementation of GIS-330/110 kV at the reconstruction of existing SS 330/110 kV in the scheme of electric networks of NPC Ukrenergo.

In parallel with the work on the project of 330 kV Substation “Zakhidna”, with the implementation of 330 kV GIS, optioned of implementation of new equipment 330 kV were developed.

The first pilot project was the feasibility study for the implementation of equipment 330 kV and 110 kV transmission lines at SS 330 kV Ternopilska with a complex reconstruction of the facility, where several alternative options were developed:

  1. A) open switchgear (OS);
  2. B) OS on hard drive elements;
  3. C) use of GIS.

The analysis of technical, ecological, land management, dispatching solutions carried out in order to show the effectiveness of the reconstruction options on existing SS 330/110 kV in a complex approach with the use of GIS.

Because of the work at SS 330 kV Ternopilska, NPC Ukrenergo accepted the concept of an integrated approach in the reconstruction of the substation with the use of GIS.  Based on the concept the working solutions adopted for reconstruction of a number of substations included in the Second phase of the power transmission project (PTP-II) funded by the World Bank loan.

Implementation of design work on the reconstruction of existing and new substations allowed the development of practical experience and a number of technical solutions to optimize the construction time, reduce the cost of the facility, in particular, through the implementation of standard solutions in the design of reconstruction of OSG 330 kV with the use of GIS 330 kV.