Design and engineering survey is our bread, so we treat the environment like wheat

  • Design of new main and distribution networks units, as well as projects of reconstruction and technical re-equipment of operating units of 6 ÷ 750 kV voltage
  • Schemes of power distribution for energy generating facilities, including system-wide values
  • Measures to improve the reliability of existing 110 ÷ 750 kV networks, level of operation and compliance with environmental requirements
  • Electrical engineering and building structures calculations
  • Projects of power output of alternative energy sources: wind power stations, solar plants and small hydropower stations
  • Construction supervision
  • Design of relay protection systems and linear automatics
  • Design of automated electric energy accounting systems (AEEAS)
  • Scientific and technical activity in the electrical industry
  • Development of technical documentation for the organization of production of new equipment and modern technologies with subsequent implementation and maintenance
  • Development of normative and methodical documentation on organizational, technical, legal and environmental issues in the power industry, preparation of normative, technical, and methodological documents
  • Land cadastral works: analysis, selection, approval of the location and land plots for construction and reconstruction units
  • Engineering surveys (geodetic, including aerophotography, geological, hydrogeological, hydrometeorological)
  • development of EIA sections, including ecological calculations, archaeological, zoological, botanical, ornithological, theriological research
  • full environmental impact assessment (OVD) procedure
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) in accordance with European standards and international requirements
  • Development of town planning documentation and public discussion of this documentation
  • Basic data necessary for carrying out design and survey works (town planning conditions and restrictions, engineering civil protection measures and other technical conditions)
  • Engineering activity as client – developer
  • Engineering in design, construction and reconstruction

Lists of performed design work in power projects and renewables.

Designing + Engineering

Engineering of pre-project preparation of construction:

  • Collection of output data;
  • Preliminary agreement of the location of the unit;
  • Task for designing;
  • Preparation and obtaining of permits for construction;

Engineering in design documentation development:

  • Design management;
  • Implementation of the function of general designer;
  • Coordination of sub-designers activities;
  • Pre-project designs;
  • Approval of project documentation;
  • Complex examination of project documentation;
  • Approval of project documentation by the client;
  • Permits for construction and installation works.

Engineering of the client – developer activities:

  • Set of tasks at the pre-project stage;
  • Acceptance of the approved project documentation;
  • Selection and agreement of equipment suppliers;
  • Preparation of tender (bid) documentation and organization of subcontracting tenders and supply of equipment;
  • Bid organization, evaluation of bidders’ proposals and defining winners;
  • Preparation of contracts with the general designer, general contractor and subcontractors for special works;
  • Registration of the declaration on the beginning of the implementation of preparatory or construction works;
  • Permit for construction and installation works.
  • Organization of technical supervision;
  • Organization and support of construction production;
  • Coordination of activities of production participants with the control of agreed schedules;
  • Preparation and commissioning of the facility (unit);
  • Execution of the declaration on the readiness of the object for exploitation;
  • Receiving a registered declaration on the readiness of the facility for exploitation.

Engineering in the organization of construction:

  • Organization of construction preparation;
  • Organization of construction and installation works;
  • Organization of quality control of construction;
  • Supervision of construction
  • Start-up and adjustment works organization;
  • Organization of acceptance and commissioning of units with completed construction;
  • Completion of the investment and construction project.

Expenses engineering:

  • Project budgeting;
  • Management of cost of the investment project.

Industrial Engineering:

  • Assessment and analysis of existing technologies, equipment, organization of production of energy units;
  • Estimation of possibilities of reduction of production costs due to correction of existing technologies and introduction of new, modernization of existing equipment;
  • Support and obtaining a license from the national commission for the economic activity in the field of energy for the production, transmission and supply of electricity with the use of alternative energy sources;
  • Registration of the status of an active member of the wholesale electricity market;
  • Receiving a “green tariff” according to the object of generation;
  • Conclusion of contract on electricity sale.