Reconstruction of 330 kV OHL over the Dnipro River

ЛЕП 150/330кВ через Дніпро

Institute Energoengproject performed design and survey work as Working Project stage for reconstruction of 330 kV HV line Dniprovska 750 kV – Kremenchuk of ​​2.3 km distance crossing over the Dnipro River between Horishni Plavni and Chikalivka at Kremenchuk district, Poltava region, for NPC Ukrenergo.

The task included the field survey, detailed inspection of structural elements and assessment of the technical condition of the 330 kV towers Dniprovska 750 – Kremenchuk at the crossing of the 330 kV OHL over the Dnieper River, which were introduced in 1985.

The institute has developed technical solutions: repair of towers concrete parts, restoration of protective coating, installation of mesh fencing around the towers foundations, replacement of damaged insulators in garlands, installation of LED signal lighting (night marking at towers), replacement of bird barriers, additional bullet markers by UAVs. Adherence to the necessary environmental protection measures during construction and operation is mandatory.

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